I got a question from a colleague; 2why should I go to Integrate? Give me a reason.”

First off: If you need convincing to go to London for three days, have fun and meet new people, then you are not conference material. Bye, bye and see you when I get home.


Once we went to conferences to get heads up on news, what is coming and what is important. Nowadays we get the news over Twitter or Yammer, so that is not the reason.


Once this was the only way to get information about how to use new features and what features to use, when. Nowadays the sessions are online within an hour, so that is not the reason.


Once we weary of speaking to “the competition”. We stayed within our designated groups, fearful of saying something that might say too much about a client or a project. I remember very well trying to get two guys that had “reprogrammed the ESB Toolkit” to say why and what. I might just as well have asked them for the nuclear launch codes.

But we are getting better at this, and after a while we realized we could talk about other things besides work, we did things together, had dinner, beer and a good time.

This is one of the reasons but not the main one.

The passion <3

I am, as some know, a passionate guy. I…love…doing what I do for work. I love people that feel the same, and at Integrate I know I will meet my fellows. The place where I can be myself for three days. The only place I can discuss the merits of JSON vs XML for an hour, hear a crazy Italian guy passionately talking about his latest project, shaking the hand of that Kiwi guy that helped me get onboard the Logic Apps train.

Then, you meet the people from the team in Redmond and you realize: they are just like you. Just as passionate and just as social.

Integrate is News, Integrate is Educational and most certainly Social, but most of all: It is the passion.

Hope to see you there, I will be the guy in the front row, asking questions and arranging dinner.