Tomorrow (and Tuesday) is another Swebug event and I will make my second apperance at it. Last time (August 2012) I spoke about Tips and Trick for BizTalk.

This time I am trying to be a bit more provocative and I will talk about “The fall of the BizTalk Architect” and how he/she might not be as important as we used to think. I am hoping for a productive debate, but that in the end everyone will agree with me 😉

The thing is that I feel we have been taking ourselves too seriously for way too long. The fact that “integration is hard” is becoming less and less of an excuse and more of a barrier. Other developers around us have trouble seeing the light and we compete in a faster changing market. BizTalk has, not only a steep learning curve, but also an implementation curve. In order to actually get some bang for the buck you need about 6 servers, preferably physical, a lot of users and access rights, and about three weeks. That is commitment for a company so we need to make the most of that commitment.

I will talk about putting things in perspective, how others see us and what kind of architecture might save us from keep riding the integration wave up into the cloud.

I would love for you to attend: At least to tell me I am wrong.

2015-02-23 Göteborg Acandos kontor 18:00. Tickets.

2015-02-24 Stockholm Akalla kl 18:00. Tickets.