Return codes are very useful when communicating between services, such as Azure Functions and Logic Apps. I found that, in some cases, testing different return codes and their behavior in a Logic App can be boring as you need to update and redeploy code. Therefore, I made a little Logic App that sends a response with the desired return code. A very basic mocking service basically.

If you need to check how a 200 OK works with your workflow, you call it and ask it to return a 200.

The Logic App

The request simply takes in a POST with a “EchoCode”. Like:


The response part is a little trickier as the designer only allow you to set strings and “Status Code” is an integer. It is not hard though, simply enter @int(triggerBody()?[‘EchoCode’]) and it will convert the “EchoCode” from a string to an integer. I did it using the Expression Editor.

So if you send in a 429, the Logic App will respond with “429 – Too many requests”. If you send in a 202, the app will respond with “202 – Accepted”

The code

Here is the json for the Logic App. I hope you find it as useful as I did.