As some of you might know, I am leaving CGI Sweden for Enfo Zystems (Sweden). Some of you have asked me why and there are a million little reasons.

CGI (back when it was WM-data) took me in and let me grow for 8 years. When I started I was a junior developer with an interest in BizTalk (then 2004) and I worked my way up to Chief BizTalk Architect. The company gave me a lot of opportunities and support in ways I think few other consulting companies can. So thank you CGI for the time we had together.

However, much like a relationship, we have started to drift apart over the last year or so and after a lot of little annoyances I decided it was time to leave. People that has worked with me know what these annoyances were and I will not list them here, but I would say that the office and its location was at the top of the list. The BizTalk integration team at CGI is top notch and I can recommend every one of them for any BizTalk job.

I will now move to Enfo Zystems, a company known for its passionate and competent personnel and for focusing heavily on just integration. I will work as a Senior Integration Specialist and focus more on Azure then before but I will also continue to support the BizTalk community in every way possible.

My next step in my career will start next week (March 30).