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My name is Mikael Sand.

I work for Enfo in Sweden (.se)

I think you can figure out my email address from that 🙂


  • David Burg says:

    Hi Mikael,

    Good to see all your blog posts. It is possible to subscribe for notification of new posts?

    With regards,


    • mikaelsand says:

      Sorry, the theme does not support RSS-feeds. If you follow me on twitter (@mikaelsand) I usually tweet when something new is available.

  • Johan says:

    Hello mikael!

    I must say your blog is really informational and I have learned a lot by reading it. I was using your guide to secure user credentials in key vault but my implementation looks a little different.

    Here is my scope.
    I use a logic app to recieve and transform+validate a JSON to XML and then I send this to an ftp.
    I want to be able to save my ftp username and password in key vault for all the different environments I will be using (test, production, development).

    It doesn’t look like your very nice guide handles this scope. I get an unauthorized access attempt to the ftp. Any idea what I should do differently?

  • Jari says:

    Hi Mikael,

    In this post,, you mention that OnPremise Data Gateway can be share between Azure subscriptions. Is there a Microsoft documentation about this?

    Best Regards,

    • mikaelsand says:

      Nope. Sorry. I only know it because of a Logic Apps Live or release note.
      But it really is very simple. You can now access Gateways in other subscriptions from your Logic Apps flow.

      NOTE: If you are running into CI/CD you will be running into trouble, as the deployment needs access in both subscriptions. I am currently working on a minimal impact thing on this.

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