Recently I have been doing some teaching work on Logic Apps. The sessions have been focused on basic “beginning” but also how to use Visual Studio for development. The ALM functionality in VS is preferred at this point in time.

There were some on the installation though so I thought I would post a more to-the-point solution here.

The official instructions can be found here.

If you find anything wrong with this guide, please provide feedback using my e-mail or by commenting below.

Install Visual Studio 2015

The software can be found here, or using your MSDN subscription.

Install Azure SDK and so on

The easier way is to simply get the Web Platform Installer (WebPI).

Using that you can simply check the things you need, start installation and go have a coffee.

Finding Azure PowerShell

Search for “azure powershell”, and add it. Use the latest version.

Finding Azure SDK

Then do a search for “azure sdk”. Find the one highlighted in the picture, and add it. If the version number is higher than the one in the picture, use that version.

The downside of screen grabs is that they do not update by themselves.


Now simply click Install and have yourself a well-deserved break.

Installing the Logic Apps Extension

Open Visual Studio 2015 and choose Tools/Extensions and Updates…

Select “Online” in the menu to the left.

Search for logic apps

Select “Azure Logic Apps Tools for Visual Studio” and choose install. If you miss any prereqs the installer will point that out and you will not be able to install.

Further reading and testing it out

To make sure you have everything you need and start flexing your developer skills, you can follow this handy guide: “Build and Deploy Logic Apps in Visual Studio